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Sparkle Bath Melt Collection

Sparkle Bath Melt Collection


This gorgeous little gift box is one of our newest creations, Containing our new

Exclusive Eco Glitter Sparkley Bath Melts!

-Pink Shimmer Bath Melt
-Sunshine Sparkle Bath Melt
-Turquoise Glam Bath Melt
-Vivacious Violet Bath Melt


Hand-piped and decorated, these little cups of gorgeous-ness are packed full of moisturizing, nourishing ingredients to leave your skin soft and hydrated. Made with cocoa butter and coconut oil, each mighty melt contains natural beneficial properties for the skin.

Simply drop into a warm, running bath and let it melt for a truly luxurious bathing experience!

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Ingredients:

    Please contact us for the list of ingredients


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