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OMG EGGS! Gift Pack

OMG EGGS! Gift Pack


Bomb Cosmetics OMG Eggs! Bath Blaster Gift Set - 6 egg shaped bath bombs packaged in a fun egg box - drop one into a warm bath and watch as it fizzes away!

This fun bath blaster set contains six sparkly, handmade, bath bombs- each with a unique colour and lovely scent:


Enchanted Ocean - I smell like a tropical ocean! Lemon and lavender pure essential oils. (10g)


Smells like Magic - I smell like Mango and passionfruit! Mandarin and sweet orange pure essential oils. (10g)


Kisses & Wishes - I smell like a cosmo cocktail! Lime and grapefruit pure essential oils. (10g)


Emerald City - I smell like jellly babies! Lime and tangerine pure essential oils. 


Shooting Star - I smell like tangerine and vanilla! Bergamot and clary sage pure essential oils.


Golden Goddess - I smell like fizz and vanilla! Sweet orange and rosemary pure essential oils. 

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