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Strawberry Pamper Party Bath Collection

Strawberry Pamper Party Bath Collection


Who doesn’t love the sweet, summery scent of strawberries? Bring Britain’s favourite fruit into the bathroom with our Strawberry Pamper Set! With everything you need for a truly indulgent pamper session! Includes 1 Strawberry Face Mask, 1 Strawberry Bath Tea Bag, 1 Strawberry Bath Melt and 1 Strawberry tin candle.


Strawberry Face Mask - Enriched with vitamins and minerals...cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and toning face mask for normal to oily skin. Remove the stresses of daily life and bring out your natural glow with this 100% natural, preservative- free, fresh clay face masks that you mix yourself at home! Packed full of fabulous minerals, Ariletz Clay helps to remove dead skin cells, draw out impurities, maintain elasticity, tone and soften the skin.

Simply mix with water to create two beautiful face masks!


Strawberry Cream Tea Bag - Looking for a unique bathing experience or a gift with a difference? A sealed tea bag containing salts from the Dead sea, essential oils, a variety of tea with added marigolds, petals or clay. Simply drop into a warm bath allowing oils and fragrance to infuse into the water, leaving your skin silky smooth, plus no mess!


Strawberry Bath Melt - Fruity and fun, this scrummy strawberry will scent your bath and leave you smelling like fresh strawberries all day. Made with pure strawberry oil this melt even has the natural leaves of the strawberry made out of fresh lemongrass soap. Made with the finest cocoa butter these melts offer the most indulgent bath and moisturising finish on your skin.


Strawberry Tin Candle - Sweet and fruity with a fun fizz, this gorgeous scent whisks you straight to a summer party! Fun and fresh, this best-seller is a real mood booster.Wild Olive candles are made by hand using natural soy wax to give a clean, even burn without releasing any soot or toxins into the air. Hand-made and decorated with sprinkles and bio glitter, our dotty tin candles are as cute as a button. All of our dotty candles come in a small tin with a clear top lid to see the pretty polka dots on the top!

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